ArtTalks for special occasions


Are you looking for an unusual gift? An exclusive occasion for the heart, eye and mind? Something that can delight either several people or a larger group? How about considering an ArtTalk for Special Occasions.

This ArtTalk Special is an unique opportunity to stroll through the museum of your choice with an expert, who has customized the art historical talk to coincide with your wishes and cultural interests. Whether for your birthday, anniversary, company’s Christmas outing or another special occasion, your visit is designed to engage and entertain you with context, facts and visual stimulation!

For visiting clients from abroad, an ArtTalk Special is an ideal chance to introduce your guests to original German historical highlights and European artistic masterpieces.
Create a company specific ArtTalk Special that reflects your company’s image, product or strategy!

For businesses with color defined logos – for example – an ArtTalk for Special Occasions can present the company’s color in a range of interpretations and perspectives. For example, for the company Facebook, there could be an ArtTalk Special on the color blue (founder Zuckerberg’s favorite color). This type of ArtTalk can take place either in a museum, in the office or another company site. Price and details upon request: [email protected]

The Chinese Bridge is still on my mind—or in my eye?—since your inspiring talk was a revelation. Thank you so much! I enjoyed your talk so much. Thank you once again and best wishes

Prof. Dr. Bärbel Diehr

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