Intercultural Expat Coaching and Training

Do you feel you need to improve your cultural IQ?

Are cultural differences and contrasts preventing you from moving forward at work or at home? Or creating tension and stress in your team or department or in your family life? Stopping you from feeling confident and good about your life here in Germany with your family?

As an Ex-pat American myself, I have been bridging both cultures and countries for over 20 years. In my Expat Intercultural coaching, you’ll learn how to understand how you tick when confronted with intercultural differences. You’ll learn how to deal with German perspectives better and respond to new habits, attitudes and reactions more easily. With my systemic coaching (certified by Ineko University of Cologne) intercultural approach and activation of your own strengths and talents, you will discover how to act more flexibly and change your response to frustrating situations. In a short number of coaching sessions (usually 3 to 5 meetings, min. of 90 minutes) you’ll be able to use these fresh approaches to work creatively towards your goals and feel less stressed and happier about your time abroad.

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What people are saying

“Dear Karla,

I’ve been thinking about our last coaching meeting. There are so many things that move me right now. I feel excited, close to finding answers to my questions … I’m really surprised how fast the meetings with you helped me move forward with my life here …”

Natalie Sanders, Team leader for German/American Company

Karla Schlaepfer-Karst provides a highly professional and efficient English language coaching. She offers far more than just English lessons – she puts a lot of effort into providing background information and adjusting the curriculum in the most appropriate way to support the interests and needs of her clients. Through this individual approach Karla, has helped me very effectively to prepare for several scientific presentations and panel discussions held at international conferences.

Dagmar Wiebusch, executive managing director at IZMF (Informationszentrum Mobilfunk)

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