School ArtTalks

Napoleon seen through English Eyes (An Example for a School ArtTalk:)

Focus on Literature, Texts and Caricatures

All Fridays in January 2011 from 10-11.30 a.m.

Further bookings in February + March on request
ArtTalk in English in the exhibition for school classes
Secondary II and above

How was Napoleon portrayed by English writers and poets of the time? Which cultural and political influences are reflected in the manner in which Bonaparte was transformed from a blood-thirsty monster to a popular icon? Can we discover a more human side to his struggle for power?  In “Ode to Napoleon Bonaparte“, Lord Byron creates a complex portrait of the man Napoleon caught in a web of conflicting interests – both conqueror and captive. We’ll spotlight Napoleon – a subject of extreme controversy in Britain in the 19th century – and illuminate some far-reaching implications of the man, emperor and romantic hero.

Native speaker Karla Schlaepfer-Karst has the interest and curiosity of the learner in mind and offers a wide range of stimulating material and multimedia for use in the classroom and in the exhibition. Download new pre-teaching worksheets for Sek.II and Oberstufe from the KAH web site. Pre-teach Napoleon! Post-teach Napoleon! And be part of the Napoleon video competition! You just need to create your own “Napoleonic video” with your classmates. (For more information see  , Kalender January 2011)

Meine Klasse und ich waren sehr begeistert von dem Workshop »Let’s talk about Art«. Sie hat das wirklich toll gemacht, und ich kann den Workshop auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen. Frau Schlaepfer-Karst ist super mit meiner recht lebhaften 8. Klasse umgegangen und konnte das Interesse der Schüler für moderne Kunst gut wecken.

Cornelia Dieckmann, Klassenlehrerin


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