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ArtTalks are always interactive, so you have the opportunity to look, think and talk.
ArtTalks are a series of open topical workshops that combine art, language skills and creativity in innovative ways.

ArtTalkers enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and we have lots of laughs together. We often go out for a post-ArtTalk drink.

ArtTalks usually take place on the KölnTag (Cologne citizens get in free with I.D. to the Cologne museums´ permanent collections) on the first Thursday of the month.

ArtTalks take place in both English and German
To find out what’s on, have a look and click on the Calendar!

ArtTalks moderator, Karla Schlaepfer-Karst, holds a B.A. in Art History (UC Berkeley) and a M.A. in Applied Linguistics/Education. She is a native of Southern California, living in Cologne. See ArtTalks4Change for more seminars and workshops.

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Really an exceptional kind of guided tour through Art! Thanks again, worth every word.
Claudia Hildebrand

Once more it has been immensely interesting and reflective …, thank you so much for your questions!
Heike Leipertz (Dipl. Übersetzerin)

Art Talks is an amazing way to experience art.
Mary Welsch-Lehmann

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